eyes in the undergrowth

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Author SkyPanda
Tags author:skypanda gauntlet unrated
Created 2009-03-20
Last Modified 2009-03-20
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diffffficult. Didn't think it was too long, but didn't particularly enjoy much of it :/ was alright
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I just loved everything about it. The rest is very good as well, though I agree it is a tad too long.

Wow awesome

Why'd u call it super lame? That was a sick map. Wait till you see mine. Then you will no what a lame map truly is.


incoherent sex. :P


its sex


scrunched up eyes smiley looks really angry and evil on NUMA..

replace it with this: xD


max_ride, my forum name is now SkyPanda, if it was me your asking >.<
eganic: YEAR 12 ARGH.
ganteka: haha don't do that


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I have to show you secret business. :]

omg omg omg


*delists map to make room*

this is probably

the first time i've noticed a map by you on the hot maps page. is that weird or do you not map often?

No prob.

I just wish that I could map like you. :P

thanks dude

its for loudog's comp, so yeah a bit long. Seriously, I had like noooo time to work on this. Two tests this week. ;___;

A bit too long.

Other than that this is awesome.