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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 glitch playable puzzle rated
Created 2009-05-16
Last Modified 2009-05-17
by 30 people.
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Description (In many programming languages, ! means not.)

I was going to fill the level, but I stopped because I noticed that it was getting laggy. I got rid of a number of objects, and it doesn't seem to lag as much now.

This map is my most complete glitch map to date and is a sequel to Glitch Engine [].

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this is epic




I'm just gonna 5ave this now before I even play it.
/bc I know it's gonna be that good.
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I'm guessing it was actually intended to be this easy, wasn't it?
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Hidden in the floor


just won when i was really far awaw from the door!i was useing nreality my demo from the nreality userlevels in nreality.if you can,can somebody explain what hapend there?(faved)



My demo from NReality
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close ^^

post a completion someone! i wanna see the magic xD
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This map is very surreal. I checked to make sure that yes, I was running it in N and not nReality.

battle land huh

i need to join that someday when i figure how to use nreality lol

lol most of these glitches i have somewhere in all my maps, definantly a beter collection than most ppl make

at first

I thought you are doing this map with NReality, but then I realize it's all about N glitches


full of why why why

Looks like a noobish map, and when I opened it - surprise. 4/5




i'm faving.... i need to explore this map...

2nd try

Cool collection of glitches, faved
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