Temple of Rock-et, Treasure Room

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Author Alex777
Tags action author:alex777 fun hard mapdraft4 unrated
Created 2009-05-21
Last Modified 2009-05-21
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Map Data

Description You Fought through the Temple of Rock-et just To find the stash of gold. BUT ITS ALL GONE!!!! Stolen by another, All that matters now is surviving this death trap. For MAPDRAFT round 4

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(Fire & Ice)
1 Rocket OR 1 Gauss
1 Rocket OR 1 Gauss
1 Rocket OR 1 Gauss

(Jesus Complex - by sidke)
Any Mines in your Rule Packs turn into Gold Peices, instead.

(I See What You Did There)
Up to 714 'E' Tiles

35 'E' Tiles
1 Chaingun Drone