Guy with HUGE Boner.

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Created 2009-06-05
Last Modified 2009-06-05
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Description If you stop to listen to the music you will die, so keep moving to the beat.

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F Horn FTW!!!!!!!!

1. "But on the other hand, you can't make penis jokes with a piano."
what does the word 'pianist' sound like to you, maxson?

2. percussion instruments like piano are limited to diminishing dynamics, so that they cannot swell volume with a single note. It actually is a very big drawback by hindering dynamic shaping.

Furthermore, I nominate Duduk [] for the flame war :D, though I think I'm a little late...


Your rating curve is pretty interesting! :D


agree with PALEMOON

I played trombone

for my middle school music elective.


have you not heard a didgeridoo?

clarinet was here

trombone is a loser.

enjoy your lip buzzan and tube slidan trombone losers
but the piano can play every note that I heard in that video.

You bring up an interesting point with the unlimited range thing, but I would think that if the trombone doesn't limit the range, the human body itself would.

Personally, I find the sound of a piano much more captivating than the trombone, but that's just personal taste.

I really wasn't trying to start a debate as much as leave a lighthearted comment. XD
Didgeridoo for the win?
Besides, have you seen that link?

A noob instrument?

Only if you're ignorant.

That man

Is my hero.


Trombone can technically have an infinite amount of partials -- that is, infinite range. Most people can't beat a few octaves, but the greats like Christian Lindberg can school your piano (piano is a n00b instrument. Everyone has range and tone). Also, the piano sound is not nearly as captivating as the trombone.

Can you do this [] with a piano?

fairly fast AGD

This map is pretty cool.
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because it encompasses the widest range of notes and is one (of only six, i believe) instruments that can play melody, harmony, and bass.

But on the other hand, you can't make penis jokes with a piano.

We'll call it a draw.


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Best instrument.