Stifle Halls

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides featured playable rated tentative-title
Created 2009-06-18
Last Modified 2009-06-18
by 39 people.
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Description The last of the Transcend. fallout. Prisoner map! Enjoy.

This map was featured on 2009-07-09

I said I'd feature this, and I intend to, by god. At last count, only seven people have seen this unbelievable map (counting myself). Disgraceful.


On to business. Frankly, mintnut said it better than I could, creating a coherent and inciteful comment while I was sweating through my shirt after making the below demo. Heeeeeeere's mintnut: "I especially loved the shift in dynamics of the map when you cease being a prisoner and become a fugitive."

That is exactly why this map is so much better than any prisoner map I've ever encountered--"with flipping trees no less." — flagmyidol

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Taking a trip down memory lane looking at all my old reviews and this is the best map of the lot.

Someday I'll make a list of my favorites here on NUMA, and this will be one, two or three.


another map that's too hard for me. :(


I love prisoner maps


You have to check out this demo to believe it. After being trapped by the guards for so long it feels good to do a little trapping of my own. (5/5).
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atob has 9 features

This is an awesome map, Pheidi. The best prisoner-fugitive map I've ever played.

Faved thiss


standard prison-drone map, but this one is great! i like getting out and feeling so free too!


Pretty fast I think.
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Pretty fast AGD

With a small innov that... while I'm not completely sure if it makes things any faster, makes the prisoner part slightly easier.
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Faster AGD

Still improvable, the end was terrible in this demo.
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he quit

and then posted them on numa

thank god


You were still making Transcend? Why didn't you say!

holy shit

... wow. the end, running from the drone at the end. holy shit. seriously... .. wow. 5
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I swear, atob made those trees. Either him or GTM.

Yes I know

Those were crucial in your feature takeover.
Nice map and review
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Spudz and Losttortuga both have 7

Faster speed.

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Sub 2000

Am I good, or a I not good? =3
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Fear my speedrunning prowess! Also, 5/5

Can anyone sub-2000 this?
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So you have 12?
I saw this earlier and rated, didn't comment though because I couldn't demo it yet

Nice map, I love the seeker part at the end of the prisoner section


I also have a map featured on TheThreeColumns, and two collabs featured. :O


Great review for a great map.

Faster agd.

Beaten Meta.
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nice prisoner map

with the chaser drone.



This is awesome

Slow agd.

Nice prisoner action we have here.
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My sarcasm detector is functioning at half power though...maybe, wait...damnit!

Check your math

There are Pheidippides and lord_day have 8 and 10 featured maps respectively, which is a mere 5.14% of the total (350) - not the >50% you attribute to them.

I heart this map a lot.
have more featured maps than the rest of NUMA combined.


this map is lovely

Why God!? WHY!?

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wanna play this over and over again til I die.


Could be faster.

Mintnut pretty much summed it up.
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This is so fantastic, I can't believe. Your ability to blend a concept into an action map, whilst both adding to and adapting the concept is phenomenal and entirely unrivaled.

I especially loved the shift in dynamics of the map when you cease being a prisoner and become a fugitive. Not to mention the need to gasp as I leave the claustrophobic settings of the prisoner area into the wonderful open space - with flipping trees no less. I'm eulogising, but if any map deserves it this one does.
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This was really genius. The variety presented in this map was astounding. Gameplay was refreshing and addictive. Probably one of the best prisoners I've seen.

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