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Author ninja143
Tags author:ninja143 golfkid ninja143 unrated
Created 2009-07-14
Last Modified 2009-07-14
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Collab map between golfkid and ninja143. for it takes two to collab. round 1

raiders of the storm.

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First decent try.

Some neat dodges in there ^_^
I like the way up toward the exit... Aesthetically, it could look better but that doesn't matter much to me.
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The top part of the map, the 8 tiles looked horribly placed. that looked like it was randomly made, it looked like you put a bunch of random 8 tiles and then you make a path with the d tiles. the middle part was ok-ish, and the bottom part also looked random. the gameplay: the only part i liked were the rockets in the middle, and the way it was hard to get into the top part of the map because the rockets and drones surrounded you. the bottom part was just pointless. (you didn't need to add those rockets at the bottom) the object placement was ok except for the gold, and the bottom part rockets. this map is playable (due to demo)

i give you a 0/1 for aesthetics, 1.5/2 for gameplay, .5/1 for object placement, and 1/1 for playability. i give this a 3/5

You'll need to post a link on the tourney thread, remember.


submitted for Golfkid:
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