Rukia Tablet pc test

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Author ]{NO3
Tags author:]{no3 bleach kuchiki n-art nonplayable rated rukia
Created 2009-07-30
Last Modified 2009-07-30
by 53 people.
Map Data

Description well I got a tablet pc... I uptdated n-artismic so I didn't need to use any keys...
it came out rather laggy... I'm not sure if that is the program or computer... I shall test it on vista more before releasing.
I am not coming back!!!
I was just screwing around and couldn't bare to not post this to the public.
I think it is my best rukia art so far.

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someone told me that, but i'm not %100 positive
Seeing her is the reason why i started getting into bleach.


fact that this is made of doors makes it twice as insane.

She's so cute.

Wonderful art.

haha cool

and yeah, I've been trying to include shading more and more into my arts. =)

what program do you use to handle objects?



.. wow .. *.*


Those door keys must've killed you. 5/5

Sweetness. Now I know how high I have to aim...

your back :O

the eye sees all [the eye sees all]
I noticed you

ho ho holy crap

that is on of the most amazing n arts i have seen ever

oh and ampburner

n-arts are actually not overrated, and I have seen better too, but it's not like I really tried ;)

No I'm not back.

the difference between this and my other arts is that this was not done for the community... It wasn't even done for myself... I was testing out how my newer version of n-artismic would handle lots of objects and what it was like on a tablet pc


her hair

in front of her face, looks odd. either odd or ugly. i don't know.

Well done.

Would expect no less from you.

That is fantastic.

I wish you'd come back. ;_;

Yeah right.

Next thing you see, mrgy05 will be submitting art. I don't believe it.

No Fair!

I wish I had a tablet pc :(

ahh D: you're not coming back? Make renji or ikkaku before you officially leave
and although for most people this would be incredible its pretty average for you. Don't leave it on this one.



triple post

amp, n-arts are 'overrated' because they're extremely good and take a long time to make

I still haven't seen the newest episode so nobody give anything away :/

:OO:O:O:O:O:O you're back! RUKIA! awesome, bleach is awesome :W

wonderful ;)

thats awesome!

my pic is an awesome one too. =D


That this is anime related.
Those are not expected to be incredibly detailed...
The eyes are truly anime though, xD
But I don't like the nose and mouth.

His old stuff

Beat my ass at the dronies, big time.
If it wasn't for the thhwump Jaguar, which is truly awesome.
He would have won it. A little bit more respect should be a good thing, even though you are a skilled rookie.

ahhh i forgot gay

mangas are also gay...^^ ahh i hate them xD
nicely done realy xD
Speaks for itself really.


Do you know who this is??

Yeah amp

"Don't talk shit if you don't know shit" - atob, or oakstream talking to atob, not sure.

O, and K, you came back now, face it xD
Great map, and this is better then recent art....


You've been here for four days, so I don't know how you can talk about "these days".


It's KN03!