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Author ]{NO3
Tags author:]{no3 boba fett n-art nonplayable rated starwars
Created 2009-03-19
Last Modified 2012-04-21
by 64 people.
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Description Basically I'm leaving again....
I love boba fett.
I found this on Deviant art by Itmon...

thanks everyone...
this is dedicated to Mrgy05, 'cause he is awesome.
sorry to those who I owed artwork, I won't be finishing them.
I may be making mappacks from now on. but I will not be making any n-arts except for maybe my b'day and artismic updates...
but I have to stop pretending that I don't have a life.
I am working fulltime so I have limited time to myself which I intend to spend more profitably like doing real art.

as for the artwork:
I spent a long time on this... I wish I had done fett earlier but it's so hard to find good images of him.
this was hell by the end... so slow...
I do not really like the missile...

alas... I never got a feature...

love from

PS. Remember me...

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what the fuck!


Amazing! Who doesn't love good Star Wars art?

hey, yeah

sorry, i had that avitar for a long while, i forgot to change my profile though. thanks for letting me use it =D


A long time dude...
about 4-8 hours (on average)
its fricken amazing and so detailed

how long does it take you to make an n art like that?!?!

u better make

some awesome bobafets than mangas >.< xD 5

Bye ]{NO3

I'm little late, because I've been off NUMA lately.
All of your Nart that I ever saw was amazing. No Nart of yours was ever any less. Though I normally unfavorite most of my favorites after a while, Hollow transformation [] will always stay in my favorites list. I sure hope you come back at least to do some more, even if its not frequent.

btw, if you ever come back to check this:
- remember in Psi [] when you said "I wanna see Lambda?" It's here [].


you left
but you lied...


I have and allways will remember your work.
I... I... I love your arts with 80% of my heart.


  • waaah
  • poopie
  • your gone
  • *hiccup*
  • wahwahwah
  • if you don't know what this is, it's a tantrum
  • waahwaahsnifflesob
  • crycrycry
  • wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhcrycrycrycrycrycry
  • aaagagagoopoiepooo
  • ploopy
  • finapoie
  • Yeah.

    They ALL say they're leaving, but within a month or so they always come back and say "Forget this. I'm back.". And you will be back, take my word for it.


    I didn't get a feature
    there's some universal craving for recognition
    most likely earned in this case
    but really, would you be happy with a feature?

    woah woah woah,

    Why am I not in the thanks?
    I think I deserve a spot in there
    Goodbye. ;_;


    i miss god's raper so much.

    Bye Zander.

    And I'll be here to say hi in a few months.


    be seeyin ya
    ur awesome
    Pursue all your dreams, be who you want to be, don't listen to others critiscising. Live your life


    Come back sometime....

    ...god's raper?
    o well we all have lives somewhere and we all have what we all hate, work, but you always gotta move on

    i think your the last of the really old n-artists

    note:i probably could have done that art, im just more like you except without the freetime for art (school takes up everything =/ ) but enjoy what ever you want to persue, may that be a famous artist or a burger king worker what ever

    enjoy =)


    6/5 :P


    This is absolutely UBER
    you still have 5/5


    "We all know you'll be back, one day...hopefully. Nobody leaves, permanently. Everyone revisits, maybe doesn't post or goes under a new ego, but EVERYONE comes back. I just hope it's soon. "

    "you can check out any time you like, but you can never, never leave!"

    point reinforced.

    /me cries

    You were always my favorite N-artist. Even if I didn't comment much on them, almost all of your N-arts made my jaw drop in amazement. I'll miss you. 5aved.


    We all know you'll be back, one day...hopefully. Nobody leaves, permanently. Everyone revisits, maybe doesn't post or goes under a new ego, but EVERYONE comes back. I just hope it's soon.

    Have a nice life!!!

    I think I'm going to cry...
    bai bai
    We'll miss you.
    Bai bai - you were the 17th best nartist here, we'll miss you.


    cya in 6 months, give it a try then. I did and I really rediscoved this.
    Bai Bai - you were the best nartist here, we'll miss you.


    let's not go all latin up here, I just screwed up a test man! ^^

    Another blow

    to the N of the best n-artists ever...oh well, at least you're leaving with a bang: 5aved.
    u make some of the best narts in numa :D




    nice art! good luck with everything, nice knowing you, although not very much lol (remember me = Dido and my mind at least)