Crocodile Flush II

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue metanet unrated
Created 2009-08-11
Last Modified 2009-08-11
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Description More metanet-y.

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Your maps are so pretty lately. :)


it's just that I completely disagree with you, but we're arguing at cross-purposes. Also, I forgot you live in Britain... isn't it around four there?


More fun than the first.
But this is still lots of fun. =D
There was one part I liked, but the rest felt artificial. Perhaps you could help? :D


Yeah, this is cool too. I'll start that collab and post it here.


anything for you atob.
You I respect. :)


Please, stop.


is my brother. His name is Blake. He is 10 y.o. blue-green eyes and is overweight. So shut up and stop assuming. Yes I made the mistake of over anti-sniping and dragging him down with me but it is not my account.

Haha you guys

sillies :P

Well mate.

Tell us about how ethel was whining about getting sniped, and then you say "Me and my brothel will rate them all 5" and all of a sudden his maps get about 5 more rates each. It's obvious you're powerhouse, you've made it clear. Admit it now and we'll bury it.

Im truly not M.A.

I'm not stupid and what's the point in doing that?
How does it benifit anyone?
i admire your ability to make a map frantic and crazy using only a few enemies. this map was a lot of fun.
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Dude we know that.

Stating the obvious, once again. Trying to be a model member after that little multi-accounting you did. I'm not fucking stupid, I've done it myself, I know when people multi-account. Here's a little advice, if you still have them, request for em to be disabled or when you get caught /and you will/ you'll be banned, like I was

The reason his demo

doesn't work is because atob edited the map

Isn't that all you do? lol. Stuff that is metanet-ish.


Isn't it supposed to be alligators in sewers?
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Got it :D

Faved, its better than the first CrocFlush IMO
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your demo doesn't work jackass, the middle drone kills you

I like the design of the crocodile at the bottom. Nice touch.

keeps me moving and nice action, but I'm not sure if I like the map
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Demo :D

i know i can get sub 1000, i nearly had it then lost my run when trying to change it |:
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It's an erectile penis, RUN!!