The "Literally" Fallen City

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe fun hard playable rated
Created 2009-08-23
Last Modified 2009-08-23
by 9 people.
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Description Enjoy!

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So I replayed it.

And I find it rather fun. Really fun. Rocket isn't too much of a challenge for me at all. Top right gold could have been placed better, but overall I found this fun and would have rated a 4.

And now, about this rocket. It does require you to be fast on your feet and doesn't give you time to plan. That's the idea of the rocket. I find it works really well there. Use what space you have available to you and make it work for you. :/

But it's still a decent map, 3.5^.
Ending of the AGD is a bit slow, but I had to snees. And couldn't pause it in time xD
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and the style feels old, and overused. Try something different, start from a full map or make something easy and minimal. Try deleting all unnecessary objects, just to change it up
I meant "I don't like dying over and over and over and over at the same place only to barely get by it then die again at a different place over and over and over etc." >_>
I enjoy a map with challenging enemies that push you to the limit BUT THAT'S JUST MY OPINION YOU KNOW SO IT'S TOTALLY COOL BLACKSON LEAFF YEAH
I don't enjoy dying on a map over and over and over at the same place. BUT AGAIN THAT'S AN OPINION MAYBE YOU LIKE BEING FRUSTRATED I AM PERFECTLY OKAY WITH THAT.
Maybe I'm just too good at this game. ;)


quick on your feet*
Please excuse my indecisiveness. D:
/me switches rocket with gauss.
Don't change it. I for one never had any problems with it.
I thought a gauss would have sufficed much more than a rocket there. The rocket forces you to be quick on your feat, and that is extremely difficult to do with such limited, usable terrain. The only other thing I can complain about is the heavy use of mines. All of the ones touching tiles were fine, but the ones that were in the air detracted from the gameplay.


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i'm not really a fan of these types of super-action-packed riobe maps with uber tiles. u should try something more laid back.
But the rest still stands. >_>
But I really dislike the rocket in the beginning and I don't think a chaingun was the best choice on the other side. ;;

This is sick.

I love it. Nothing new but god is it fun.
the bottom buildings dont look that great though. The object placement was well done, though. 4/5