gotta speed, kiid!

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Author 29403
Tags author:29403 banjodave collab dw40 rated toocoolformoa
Created 2009-09-04
Last Modified 2009-09-04
by 11 people.
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Description our map was way way way too cool.

collab with the one and only DW40! He made the tileset.

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Square Pacman pixel mountain puppy pit 300! bubble sail BYE, NUMA.


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5aved :D


You can use the tileset. I dont mind.

im satisfied

you wanna sub?


On YouTube people make fun of this video a heck-of-a-lot.

im sorry

im terrible with filling open spaces and making it good, feel free to change anything and everything you dont like. Oh, and I got rid of the triangle in the upper area, it felt out of place.


ill get started

with the items tomorrow, nice work on the tiles
ju5T 50 J00 kn0W


Let's rampage, DW.

this is great

you're a great mapmaker don't leave. just link me to your maps because of the time-zones.

ILY <3

Im gonna play this



This.. is GREAT.
5aved =P.


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