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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny hard playable race rated speedtrap
Created 2009-09-14
Last Modified 2010-01-04
by 25 people.
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Description Only the fastest - both mentally as well as physically - will make it through this competition alive. Good luck, contenders.

Many thanks to Riobe for playtesting and awesome z-snap editing!

*WARNING* - This level may lag on slow computers due to high number of trapdoors.

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1/5 very annoying and the trapdoors were useless and the flow was bad all together and don't do author bias and don't be ignorant idiots.

This is great, remind me of this one featured map with the same concept :D

i am a heron i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak if you´╗┐ don't repost this comment on 10 other maps i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
I know that having a perfect flow is somewhat against the concept of this race, but it's sort of annoying, really. 4/5

this is so awesome



I agree Seneschal. I've been an active member of this place for a very long time (four years in fact.) and for people to have a go at me for giving my honest (and respected) opinion on what makes a good map just makes them look ignorant and slightly idiotic to be honest.
Because I rated it 4/10 and gave it a critical reception that makes me crazy? People shouldn't be afraid to voice their distaste in things other people love and conversely shouldn't be afraid to stick up for things that nobody else will.

You can bash your head on a wall 100 times but that doesn't mean you achieved anything. Similarly, Riobe may have spent 2 hours or so tweaking the map, but honestly; this map, while daring, ultimately failed in quite a few aspects and is really not worthy of anything higher than 3.5 in my opinion. If you guys can't handle that, do yourself a favour and wake up from your little fantasy where every second map should be 4/5.


Ratings are subjective, guys, let's not forget that. You're all entitled to your own opinions.
i've not seen it done in a race before. if there's any particular map you got inspiration from, please link me.


i think ska has problems, but i'll leave those with him.

great concept which i think was done very well. i can see that this must have been a pain to make...but then again, u are destiny.


Fastest AGD =)

I like this, but it's not as smooth as it could be. Flow is weird in some places, and a few little niggles make it certainly not 5-worthy to me. the concept is great - the execution just makes it not as enjoyable as a concept map like this needs to be to showcase the idea fully. 4/5.
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but it' frustrating when you don't build up enough speed.


Isn't the point of the map to build up speed to get past the trapdoors?


..when races are concerned; you should focus more on maintaining the flow rather than trying to find annoying ways to stop it altogether. This concept isn't new either and the Z snapping meant you had to be extremely precise on every run and for me - it gets annoying quickly and I am a highscorer. Go figure.

Agree with ska.

This really could've been better, and it's quite frusterating when you don't build up enough speed to get past the trapdoors. N/R.
Not really your falt.

I like.

The concept is genius, and of course, with you the execution is always near flawless. I'll rate once I finish playing, but I suspect it will be near a 5.

Yes, but below average. I mean, this is at least above average. Well Ska, unless you're rating this by _destiny^- standards, i don't see how you rated it so low.


I have to a agree with ska a bit here. I've seen way better Destiny races. The flow just wasn't that intuitive..


Your crazy to rate this a 2/5. This is definatly better than that. Hands up by those who think this map gets a 3/5 or better.


feature worthy? The main reason why you aren't a reviewer Viil is because you consider average maps such as these 'feature worthy'



nice touch with the trap door timing the speed =D


flow's alright though. 3/5


look at you. already gettin 8 ratings in about 3 hours. jeez.

anyways, definately different, i quite enjoyed messing up over and over. lol. 4.5^/5aved


that is very cool. However I'm going to brag and say that I already touched upon that idea here []. (not saying I was first, either) Nevertheless this was cool, as I said, and it's a well applied concept. Rather tricky. 4.
as a matter of fact, maybe about 5 mins. This is very unique for a race, but I can tell you I really didn't like the ending. Many times, the rocket went through that little passage and killed me. Also, I find the 3 set of trapdoors the hardest to get by (because it's sudden chimmneying).
Demo Data

Smoother demo

also 777 frames long, which makes it even more awesome.

Thanks for the feedback guys ^^
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completed. I kind of flubbed the ending, but whatever...
Demo Data

awesome concept

will come back to play this tonight, as i have to leave now :P





slight mistake, but that's okay...

def 5ave. nice replay value ;)
Demo Data

Too bad

I mean too bad I wasn't there to see Riobe's agonizing pain while playtesting.

oh god

this is a sweet idea :)
working on a demo now



One of your better maps, cool concept. 4.5avedown

Cant finish it right now.. but so far I think the concept is genius, so as the messy tiles
Long Live King Destiny!


Enjoy! - If you are having lag issues, i recommend NReality. It runs a lot smoother than Nv1.4 where lag is concerned.
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