you call me ugly, I'll call you fat

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Author sneekfeet
Tags antidisestablishmentarianism author:sneekfeet featured pornography rated
Created 2009-11-08
Last Modified 2009-11-08
by 9 people.
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Description to leaff. here I am. what do you want of me?

to squibbles. I love you.

to everyone else. go shove some sticks up your noses and lobotomise yourself.

This map was featured on 2011-08-11

The map’s title is awfully defensive, as are its enemies. Rockets and bullets leave little wiggle room in the pathways devised by sneekfeet, guarding the exit efficiently. This map makes an excellent union of launch pads and tiles, and cooperating with it will be your only chance of success; to resist it is to fail. However, as far as aesthetics go, this map isn’t much to look at. Of course I wouldn’t call it ugly, because, well, you know.

Summary: This map optimizes functionality and turns away aesthetics.
My rating: 4.5/5^

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That's not what anyone's saying. The reason I can't dig this map is because the things people are calling "unique" just seem sloppy to me, and the general vibe of it feels underdone and overcrowded. The reviews goes on about sacrificing aesthetics for functionality, but the map hardly seems to function in an enjoyable way.

As I said, opinions differ, but most of the time I can dig where people are coming from.

Pointless debate really. Hey ho.


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Your first demo doesn´t work.

Better AGD.

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Blackson is right

I think these are the reviews that matter the most, actually. It's important to show maps that have something specific to offer. There are fuck tonnes of "5" maps out there, but that doesn't make them more reviewable, IMO.


"unique" alone isn't enough when it's only different because it's haphazard and poorly designed. There's nothing about this that warrants praise that I can see.

I can appreciate the things I don't like, perhaps I'm just missing something here...
but I would have liked it a little cleaner. Personal pref. though.


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the goal of reviewing isn't to showcase good maps, just maps that you believe deserve attention. If I like a certain part of a map or the way an author used an enemy in a unique way, I'd consider featuring it even if it wasn't 5/5 perfect. This map has unique object placement and tiles; I find it to be a great candidate.


I like the name of this level. lul.


How does this get featured. I need to get back to map-making...
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It had addictiveness sure, but as for everything else...

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is way too hard to speedrun
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this map is amazing. it has some really nice messy positioning, really fitting to the tiles
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you reviewed it but rate it with 4.5
you should review maps with 5 for you
Or else!


wheeeeeeeeeeeeere aaaaaaare youuuuuuuuu?
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Slow completion.

Liked the trampoline use, and the floor guards were positioned well so that I had to finely tune my pathway to the switch, then the exit. Sweet map, although it took me a while.
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haha no

I refuse to come back. rawrawrawr, rawr.


Cooommee baaaaacckk! I miss you. :(


it's a shame no-one gives a flying fuck anymore.


I dissapoints me to see things like this go unnoticed. This map has heart.