Bouncin' bob

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Author Sahathai
Tags author:sahathai playable survival unrated
Created 2009-11-13
Last Modified 2009-11-13
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Description Survival map...

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and a really great concept ! 5/5 (was much work, wasn't it?)

no lag for me, it's actually really cool
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minion_of_pi... try it in n-reality
because some people might play this in regular n and think it is easy.

Cool concept by the way!

the point

of a survival map is to be dangerous... as in it's difficult to stay alive.
So that the more skilled people stay alive longer.
This map has no enemies and there is absolutely nothing to do.
Just start recording the demo and you'll never die, you never even have to touch the keyboard.
Concept fail.
lag will. NR
Demo Data