Wrecking Ball[s]!

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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr collab izzy martyr playable rated
Created 2009-11-14
Last Modified 2009-11-14
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description A collaboration made from a little bit of my heart and Izzy's liver.
A bit of sick humor, yes, but quite playable. And fun!

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it does look like the dude has a ******* fish in his *** and the dude is screaming in pain.


no; look again. he's for real got a fish up his ass, and he's feelin' it.

they are his balls!

it was hard to do
but why's that dude got a fish up his ass?
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Dem dar balls

be boulders.

yeah karma

I had the same thing with an AGD run...

really nice tiles though
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this is what I mean, sub 600 isn't possible...
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I finally got ahead of the drones, which I spent a few minutes trying to do so, and was greatly dissapointed to see that the drones overflowed and didn't allow me to get a faster demo...
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new map

and this map is awesome but I can't get pass the gauss part at the bottom, so I fail. []


next time well put some more of my heart in to it.
i liked it though


I like it. 4/5
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