Red Snow Falling Down

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Author nnds
Tags author:nnds hard nreality playable puzzle rated survival
Created 2009-11-15
Last Modified 2009-11-15
by 32 people.
Map Data

Description This is my new nreality, puzzle, survival map
I used:
-> falling mines ;)
-> a drone and a ninja mod
-> a jump pad mod

a lot of hours of work i spend in this map and i think it is good ^^ try and have fun.

(you cannot jump you have to use the moving jump pads to get the gold/exit key)

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That is so cool!

5aved! :D

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was gonna nominate this for dronies, but it has a door :(((


that was amazing, best Nreality i've seen 5aved

This is sick

fully awesome --- 5aved. + this is going on my profile, because its flat-out WICKED.

you forgot the quotationmark because it isn't your map

BAM !!!

update the tags


not puzzel


not that good. atob and furry_ant have already given the reasons why.


spell check your tags. ;D
each time you post an nreality map, for those who don't know it.

nreality homepage []

you need nreality (!)

Is it me or do I just not understand. I played for the entire time getting all the gold but not getting to the exit. no mines showed up, I never saw a jump pad and there was no sign of any zap drone. WTF?

That's sick, insta 5aved.


concept is amazing

@ATOB: i will make a actionmap soon
@allothers(^^): thanks for playing and voting

Agreed with ATOB. Great concept, but wasn't really that fun. Maybe try and integrate it into a full blown action map somehow?

Fav'd for the concept. ;)

Not bad

ATOB said it before me.


REALLY nice idea, but poorly executed.

The level itself is far too basic, no flare in design or placement, the jump-pads take far too long to appear, and the when they do the build up really doesn't pay off.

Lots of you blinded by a great concept without paying attention to the glaring flaws.

This is pretty awesome.
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fastest agd completion, only so little more can be improved, but it's too long of a map to do so
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amazing nreality level. very fun =D


so hard...well for me anyway it reminds me of a game but cant remember it. 5.

Awesome and

fun 5aved.




fantastic use of different nreality mods. absolutely awesome.

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idea is awesome
I realy like it 5/5

AGD -1

The top launchpad got in the way :(
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Wow! This is...



but i cant make it >.<