An Ode to Thwumps

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Author therealone
Tags author:therealone crazy dda ddedda fast flow rated
Created 2009-11-20
Last Modified 2009-11-25
by 18 people.
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Description This is the third map in my new DDA subgenre. This run is all about thwumps and showcases every trick that can done with them. Again non of the thwumps are code edited, all tricks that are done in this run could be done in real time. Like all DDAs that map is kind of pointless with out the demo, so please watch the demo.

So once again, sit back, watch my AGD demo, and RCE

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these speedrunners have way to many excess jumps, cool stuff here, too hard to pull off completely
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What would happen if I were to pull off the entire run non-fbf somehow?
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Non fbf

I'm attempting your route... and getting somewhere... I think

More than 3 tricks. =D
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@Jimmy593: Thanks.
@ZTHING: Yeah, I figured people might say that, but I really wanted to do an only thwump run.
@Riobe: Nice run!
@Shadow: Thanks, I plan on making more.

You didn't use the backwards thwump D:<


Might be maxed, but don't take my word for it.
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Demo Data

AGD -1

Oh yeah, bitches.
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A bit faster

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Faster Speedrun

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not as good as your "room full of junk" but still very impressive


I'm gonna watch you agd now.......
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With some gold. Was too pussy to attempt the rest. >_>
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that was kick ass.

AGD Demo

Yes this Demo was made with FBF. Please enjoy.
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