Circular Candlecruise

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Author brainstone
Tags action author:brainstone rated
Created 2009-11-23
Last Modified 2009-11-23
by 12 people.
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Description My first mappack is going to be released soon.

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I'ma Hurryin.

Just haven't had as much time as I'd like- now that thanksgiving break is in full swing i'll have it done soon.


sorry, i comletely forgot about that what with trying to deal with a 14 year old hitting on me.
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I think they will be popular. My favorite was that swamp one. Liked the one more step and I shoot thing too. Clever. The trees, actually all the tiles in general were very good. I haven't played them enough to give you any in depth feedback. :( Sorry. I think you should go ahead and release it.
PS Yeah, I don't really get down to make a map often.

great tiles.

love the gameplay.4. btw can you please check out my previous map?

First Demo?

Well, it's a speedrun
Demo Data


i'll never understand how people like you make such godly maps... But then again I have my own godly style, so that works out to be good. As for the map, it was very hard for me to reach AG, and hard to beat too -_- The aesthetics are very very good, and I look forward to playing the whole map pack you're making. Peace.
How inappropriate. You have a dirty mind sir!
But how do you release a map-pack? I under stand you could post a bunch of maps but how to you put them in a pack? message me on one of my maps please! :D

Btw, I give ur level a 4/5, one of because it's exactly what capnshazmo said.


:D 4aved!

I meant Map

nice maps :D


the gauss is an outcast to society in this level. (rockets)

like 1 dog and 3 kitties..

3 peanuts and 1 cashew

..shew, shew..
but this map makes some dang good advertisement

Looking forward to the pack.

Ich hab jetzt das ganze pack durch. Ich werd in den nächsten Tagen mal mein Feedback zusammenfassen und es dir schicken :)