Crumble, Tumble, and Now We Fall

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Tags action author:zthing crumble randomthumps rated tumble zmap
Created 2009-11-24
Last Modified 2010-01-09
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Into chaos. []

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This has worked for me and I'm pretty sure it will work for you if that pakwan/neamtonic shows up again. Just disable ratings for a a while (If you look through my archives, you'll see what I mean.).
It would be a cool idea to come back and fix up some old maps.


newest map get sniped ;(
Please rate it.


cheers did you like my 20ton map?

be my guest

;) on the tags can u add my name and a link for my name thx


I can make new maps before christmas.


why will you be gone so long? :(
And how the mined floor didn't seem too much


will miss you


going to submit it now but I wanted to make sure you are on when i do so reply if your online please
no more cheatability.


Z hope you like it when i done

I hope it will

be great but dont get your hopes up i will try my hardest.


before you leave im going to make the best map i've ever made and ded it to you ;) (even though i though i got no idea what to do)


i will wait ;) love the name i will name it just that :)

can i submit our

collab or is it a bad time?

<3 5
a specific pattern, but besides that the map is great, the enemies are really effective, and the tiles are great


hurry up with your 99th would ya


I am taking off for the holidays. Definitely won't be on Christmas eve or Christmas. Or for a few days after, cuz we host family from out of town for a while. But when they leave, I'll start coming on again.

Looking forward to your RCE ;)


it's ok, nobody really looks at the graph. Or at least I don't. If it really bugs you, relist the map after you post your 100th, that should make it normal.


now your rated maps graph is screwed just randomly spiked at 2


Here it is!

I changed a few things. I think you will like them.

Sorry for spamming

but I like the description because it makes it look like we planned those more random gold placements.

Just read it again

Ill fix the grammar errors, and the use of random a little too much. Volition is a good word.

Damn Im good.
Title - Inflated Castle
Description- Do you remember the fairs, the parties, the inflated castles? Of course you do! Inflated castles are just about the most fun things man has ever spawned. Here me and Zthing have captured that atmosphere. The round, bouncy, run-into-another-person feel that we all love. Not only does it feel great and play great, but there is loads of symbolism in this map. The outside of the castle is a completely different entity. With your shoes off and a happy giddy feeling inside you can't wait to enter. It is an utterly different feel compared to the complete random, bounce off the wall, fun inside the castle. You will feel yourself loose control as you enter the castle, and there is a certain randomness throughout. As you leave the castle, not on your own volition but do to the extreme amounts of people wanting in, you have a happy reminiscent feeling. A dieing excitement. The only cure - Going back in.
there are less high rated maps out. Today for sure!

dad's home gtg

dad's home gtg


i got 10mins now so i can finish the tiles i will give you new data when i'm done ;)


heres a start couldnt finish not aloud on comp just sneaked on

im sorry

shut me up if im being nosy


are you taking college courses?

oh cool

lol, so you must go on during school sometimes too
and I'd say we're about on par for mapmaking skill.

Hey, I'm just curious, what time zone are you in? Cuz we usually seem to be on at the same time.


you sure improved faster than I did >_<
I just don't get to mapping much so...
BTW I agree with all the changes you made. We should name this map. I think this has definite castleness to it so I was thinking the name should be - Inflatable Castle