A Quasi-Fortress Requires A Quasi-Break In

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe featured fun medium-hard playable rated
Created 2009-11-26
Last Modified 2009-11-26
by 22 people.
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Description Have fun.

This map was featured on 2010-09-24

There aren't many people who can combine beautiful tilesets with outstanding gameplay - but Riobe is one of the best. "Quasi" looks stunning, the fortress enticing you inside; and you can't resist.

Once you have entered, everything goes against you. The map is full of mechanisms - drone timings, thwumps... Simple? Hell no. I have tried to do things in this map I wouldn't normally attempt, merely because I thought it would be easy. I was wrong.

Keep mapping young Riobe, before the beauty fades away. — ChrisE

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another undeser...

oh wait.. am I thinking out loud again? Oh shit I am.
But the tiles are heart warming <3

I disagree (agd)

this is pretty fun and looks nice as well. Difficulty seemed just right although I dislike the gauss turrets, but other than that though no complaints.

4/5 and AGD (7-8 tries reaaaal slow)
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I' sorry but I just don't like this. I have to agree with AMLT. 2

Also this review reminds me why I love ChrisE. Usually I dislike reviews written in the first person as they tend to focus just on praising the map in boring, subjective terms. This one just shines.

I entirely disagree with Barabajagal. But that's ok. Is it a bad thing that riobe maps make me UH.

it plays nice

and plays well, because of the tiles and all the optional gold, it's fun. it plays nice
good basic layout, but too much adds up to too little.

sure, ok

Fights are still fun
The map is pretty nice too. It's lagging a bit on my computer :/


it's hard

like your face
Whoa. AGD.
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Man, I timed that drone badly.
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I thought I could be all fancy and climb up that thwump. I thought wrong..
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Cool stuff, man. I agree with've got some serious skills.

this i really magnificent. and another part of the fortress-hype. 5.

Stupid death demo.

This is absolutely fantastic. I love how you block off the climb and the use of thuwmps is excellent.

Plays like a dream, imo.


Also, I can tell a riboe map from the thumb now 100% of the time. Something about the quality I think.
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Wanna collab sometime bro? You are better at tiles so you should make them.

It looks nice

But doesn't play too well.