So Much For Security.

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe fun hard playable rated
Created 2009-12-01
Last Modified 2009-12-01
by 11 people.
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Description Special Thanks goes to GTM for helping me out with some of the stuff on here. :D

So, originally, here was the idea: I did * tiles (tiles that look like E tiles but you can walk through), but when you reload the map, they don't look like E tiles anymore. The idea was that the passages were blocked off, and you had to use hints (in this case, arrows) to figure out how to get through this little structure we have here. But, as you can see, that idea failed, so we have this.

The end. Enjoy!

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I'm so lucky!

I'm so- FUCK
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I really like it...5
Demo Data

it's okay.

my favourite part about it was the diversity of the sections.
The first part was my favorite.


Best Riobe map in a long time.

Seriously. 4.5aved for awesome gameplay and aesthetics. Would be 5, but gameplay was a bit choppy at parts.
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I /love/ this.

5aved, and bitesized.

This is pretty sweet. 5aved.

You know

a map is awesome when lat submits a highscore to Nreality.

Great map riobe

Oh yay =P

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love this map riobe =]


love this map riobe =]

Bit long, but every section is solid. 4aved when taken together.

I played the map.

a bit cramped in parts, but still quite enjoyable. The top right rocket was placed cleverly.

Me too!

you're shit riobe!

(( <3 ))