Casino Royale

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox race rated
Created 2009-12-03
Last Modified 2009-12-03
by 5 people.
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Description My first true race map. RCE.

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i liked it, but as they said, not a race map. doesn't disqualify this map of its well worth 3/5 rating though. :)


I didn't mean to do so.

This is

more of a flowy action map than a race.
Demo Data
And use them as your own, credit them.


Ah, okay.


I meant is that it always ends up where my maps look exactly like other people's maps.

something like

this (not the best first one i could find)

just have

a look at other people's race maps and you will get the idea soon enough ;)


always happens to me. DX

Looks a LOT

like that nevermore map in the userlvls

no a race

must a constant flow to it sorry dude try again if your stuck have a look at some of destiny's and riobe's race maps ;) where am i on your fav authors list? joking ;)




a race