Stardust Fills The Ruins

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Author miststalker06
Tags action adventure author:miststalker06 fun medium puzzly rated
Created 2009-12-03
Last Modified 2009-12-03
by 14 people.
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Description At every fullmoon stardust fills the ruins of Dak Tahr, summoning the creatures that dwell in the shadows. If you are just lucky enough, you can get some of the blessed sun dust - but be careful, blood dust fill the air, too.

Dedication to the fullmoon, which accompanied me last night.
An adventurelike map with possibilities for either a good speedrun or AGD.
Should prove as a challenge, but should still be completeable. The difficulty is medium.

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This map is incredible. It's also incredibly difficult for a player of my limited skill - I just can't do the tricks with the normal door in any respectable timeframe...

Still, I'd like to 4ave it :)

yeah, I saw this map yesterday evening, I was just too tired to play. This looks great, the gameplay however can get really annoying and repetitive, especially since you need to get the right jumps or else you die pretty easily

great tiles

good gameplay. ill give you a 4.
but this was really fun. I would have to disagree with ZTHING, because the gauss section was better IMO :D

It's almost as if

you're mocking us.

This is wonderful. Really something special. I didn't like the gauss section as much as the rest of them though. 4.5

Awesome map

The tiles were sweet, I have noooo object placement talent whatsoever lol, So this is really cool stuff! 4/5 nice work man!

it's good

had a lot of fun with that door in the middle.


wicked comment xD

Full moon for me tonight.
I was scared of going out in the dark, but he was all like "nah man, I gotcha back".

The map feels a little awkward at points, but overall it is sexual. 5
in a good way. Some of the tiles don't fit with the theme, but the overall tileset still looks great. The gold pattern is awesome. I like the stuff you did with the doors and switches. Im not sure if I like the one-ways or not. The spring was cool, and the gauss placement was great. I think this is 5 worthy.
Oh my gosh this map is fantastic. Faved!


For you all to watch, good luck and enjoy :)
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