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Author shadow93kangaroo
Tags agd author:shadow93kangaroo mod nreality puzzle rated text-drone
Created 2009-12-18
Last Modified 2009-12-18
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description with a black N - and some other modifications xD
collab with Ultimatereading []

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Put the trap door somewhere else. The ninja just goes right through it!
die erste is schon gut aber bei der zweiten hauts das tileset halt richtig raus xD zudem findich is die zweite auch schwerer
(bei der dersten explodier ich oben in der luft einfach so is das absicht? xD)

This is awesome!

Thanks for touching up our map, as I said, I'm not that good with tiles. The story would be awesome too!
If it wasn't me, disregard the below.

At first, I thought you were responding to me, because you posted directly after me. I thought you had misinterpreted something I said as a complaint about Caps Lock, so I attempted to clarify.
It's the door switch on the right that isn't necessary. Watch my demo.
I really like the ending :)


is wrong with my caps lock i like using caps if it annoys you i wil stop sorry didnt realised it bothered you
I don't really like text drones following you. I imagine they could be interesting if used well, but having them follow you is annoying more than anything else.

None of the mods really affected gameplay. Sure, there was the floorguard, but a locked door would have forced you to take the exact same route.

My biggest complaint is that you do not need to get the switch on the right. I don't like being told that I needed to get the switch when that isn't true.
I'm not sure exactly what, but something about that rubbed me the wrong way.

On the plus side, the gameplay wasn't bad, and the tileset looks nice. I like the circles of gold, but I'm not going for an AGD.

Here's a speedrun. It's also on NReality.
Demo Data

B├Ątz! :D

i like it :D
great collab between you and ultimatereading ;)


love the textdrone.. "100 points for finishing" :D

cant do

it now cause im on my laptop hich wont let me use nreality or make maps :( I will do it later

I liked the

second one more ;)

I got

your message asking for a collab and I accept ;) you start on some tiles then we will go from there ;) pm when you get this message


Everyone wants to do a collab with you, dont they??
Im thinking up something too, but I wont ask of it now -- maybe later in the month, or sometime after Christmas :D
I like the text-drones


I didn't really know where I was going so this could be much faster. The map was fun I didn't like the last drone you had to get past but the rest of the pathing was good and I am predisposed towards text-drone use it would have been cooler if you'd used it to give us a hint as to what order to get the switches in though I don't like guess work
Demo Data


this :D


good map!!

never mind

i made some other versions and here it is not with ":" at teh beginning

speed, cause no one wants to post a replay
Demo Data


but i did so on the second drone :D
if you realized it

Little tip for you:

Start the text drone text array with ":" to display nothing at the start instaed of "hm". I did it all the time in my mappack.

all gold

and all text demo xD
now try it yourself much faster!
Demo Data


nice couldnt get to the end so i didnt see all of the messages so please sub a demo please ;) 5


you did good on this post a demo!!! ;)

awesome map!!!!

great collab with two great authors!!

1.loved the text

2.drones were good made a good challenge.

3.Mines and gold were well placed.

4.tiles were amazing!