Goodbye NUMA // Merry Christmas

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Author mistaken72
Tags author:mistaken72 dda final-map goodbye mistaken72 non-playable rated
Created 2009-12-24
Last Modified 2010-01-08
by 27 people.
Map Data

Description It's been a good time for me here at NUMA thanks to a lot of great people in the community helping me out here and there. Well, for those of you who do not know who I am, I wasn't a very good mapmaker at all, just a regular guy who pops out rather cool maps every now and then, but the good news is, people appreciated it. There's no other way for me to thank you people except to dedicate a map to you, I could send you a gift, but I live in Singapore, and I'm not flying out to you.

I don't want to say "You know who you are...", because then you might not know if you ARE indeed of worthy mention. So let me list them out, you can Ctrl+F this page to search for your name in the list instead of reading it.

The WOOHOO Group: Southpaw, Orange, Clifty, FractalP, Kablizzy, incluye, ska, toppredator and kydo(if they're still here)

Everyone else: KinGAleX, Riobe, blue_tetris, Snuggletummy, arachnid, remote, maximo, Guiseppi, PALEMOON, Guitar_Hero_Matt, squibbles, sidke, scythe33, mintnut, destiny^-, BunniesandSheep, Wizard2, seven_two, 29403, TheAdSter, Onesevennine, BuddyLee, uNcoNditioNal, Inspired, flagmyidol, Barabajagal, MyCheezKilledYours, rocket_thumped, RoflMayonnaise, Myrrhman, Erik-Player, Kool-Aid, mc_george, Sept, usaswim, spudzalot, lord_day, Yahoozy, Heat, condog_111, RandomDigits, karmap0lice, Be_Happy_:), astheoceansblue, AMomentLikeThis, fingersonthefrets, ganteka, kkstrong, mrgy_05, Life247, Clovic, numa_ninja, SkyRay and last but definitely not least, my favourite author, Evil_Bob.

Goodbye NUMA.

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A late comment.

I think Orange should be in the Woohoo group, his maps are inspiring. Very inspiring indeed.

I never knew you

But that doesn't matter.
Goodbye, kind sir, and happy new year :->

Awesome DDA sir

maybe you can come back later :3


It has.


I miss #boredom.


Just to clarify.

I'm leaving NUMA, not Metanet. Expect to see me on IRC for a long time.

very nice.

Sad to see you go, mistaken. It was fun times in #boredom for a year or maybe more, and damn if you made some awesome maps. You're being too humble in your description.
I have a small feeling you'll be back. Maybe that's just me. And the fact that you've come back before.
If this is truly your last goodbye, I hope everything goes well for you in the years to come! Maybe we'll still see you around IRC and the forums? I hope so.
Demo Data

neat dda as well.


Well, I hate it when people with decent grammar leave.


Forgot to comment on the map:
Great DDA, great DDA, great DDA.
So cool!


Well that to bad

Hope everything works out for you, and remember, hotel numa will aways have an opening for you if you ever want to come back.

Apologies for posting again, but that DDA was great fun to watch.

Oh, and, you're welcome, for whatever I did.

Well, I hate it when people with decent grammar leave.

Thanks AMLT

Didn't expect to hear from you.
I liked the rocket dodges.

wha? I'm in there! Bye!!! you made pretty cool maps, and dda's, merry christmas, happy new years, happy family day, happy birthday, happy mothers day, and happy-all-the-other-days, since I wont get the chance

Faster speedrun

Demo Data


Goobyeeee and Merry Christmas to you too ;D....
What will you do now? 0.o

Wtf is winter_red_snow on about?


Thank you very very much Sahathai.
It's very good.You can made his last map has more famous...
AND THIS WONDERFUL SPEEDRUN!!!(Check it out.I made for you,mistaken72.I played 80 times to made it in 20 minutes!)
It's max speedrun ever!
See you again...and merry christmas!
Demo Data

very nice dda

sad to hear that you go... it's always sad when a author leaves NUMA... but i hope that you'll find luck in whatever you start doing from now on... :D bye and good luck in the future :D


watch out for smart-ass commenters who ONLY comment on the map and DON'T READ THE FRIGGIN MAP.

NO NO!!!



you were awesome this map is awsome 5


It was inevitable.


Eh, mispelled _destiny^-.

Great map, though I regestered about 3 minutes ago, sad to see you go, because it looks like you know what you're doing.

Liked it, except

for the 3 second pause in the top left.