Mouse Trap

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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ cheeeeeeesse conen featured mouse rated trap
Created 2009-12-27
Last Modified 2009-12-27
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description How can you resist?

This map was featured on 2010-01-30

Mouse Trap by Conen__TG_ is a test in endurance. Climbing past the relentless gauss turret, the devious pathing of the central drone cave, the clever floor guard placement; each is its own unique challenge, but the way in which they meld together makes this map a particularly demanding marathon. Load this beast up and see if you have the luck and skill required to nab all the gold. — toasters

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haha i remember that map :D i just moved some mines and gold around but biggest change was the gauss'.
let me know what you think
i like the bottom with no enemies; it's relaxing.
I'd make for a milestone. :D

now all you need is to get on IRC more and your life will be bestest forever




I can resist because gold isn't what I eat every single day :)
without sounding too much like o_a, but I approve!

yeah, congrats man!

about time conen.

ok agd

this took longer than I'd like to admit
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Not bad. A bit hard, but that's okay.
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You know, i do actually like this quite a bit.
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fucking finally

i was wondering when it was gonna get featured >_>
I'd like top thank my Mom and Dad, in the audiance tonight! Mr. Toasters himself, you are BEAUTIFUL sir! Thank you! I'd like to thank Benn Jordan, Conan O' Brian, ok Im running out of time so I'll take my seat.

ahhhhhhh this is so awesome!!!!


you got a feature. i liked this map

congrats conen :DDD


Such a great map. I had it faved from a while ago, but I forgot to comment ;D
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love it

nice job, conen

nice map, reminds me of rocket thwumped
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he can't resist

he must...

i can't resist

i must...

. . . . . . ...

great map . :)


check your forum PMS