Burning Columns - ChaosDrone

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Author BluePretzel
Tags action author:bluepretzel chaosdrone collab column nreality rated
Created 2010-01-16
Last Modified 2010-01-16
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description A once thriving civilisation apon arches and columns, nothing is left standing in the wrath of the ChaosDrone.

Collab with RedForever [], he let me subit :)
Yet another ChaosDrone map, Im fairly sure AGD is possibe, level completable

Use Nreality for colour -- my 80th Map!!
Enjoy! :D

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Is possible! :D
Demo Data
5/5! :D

Demo Data

Yay our map

it turned out great with the chaosdrone. how do you make it orange anyway? thats so awesome


too bad you can't make it move... anyway 3/5

good map..

i only think there are too many enemies ..
and the tiles aren't the best..
but i like the gameplay..
anyway 4/5 :D

Speed demo

have fun :)
Demo Data

so it is.

happy 80th map.