Then the zombie said: I'MAH CHEEESEEE

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel random unrated
Created 2010-01-06
Last Modified 2010-01-06
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Description --<READ THE DESCRIPTON>--
Inspired by this map []
Yet another map for the most random, off-topic, spammed comments you can think of, or have ever wanted to say.
The mapper that posts the funniest comment gets a ded. I'm serious!!
BUT! nothing racist, 100% swearing, or mean to other users.
Other then that, have a laugh, and have fun!!! NJOY!

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stupid left-handed pirates with their fancy 5ves!@!!

But the banana is!

"To be or not to be, that's the question!"
Oh, and guess what I found out today? Tiger Woods has changed his name. It's cheetah now.



theres this demo data that just wont work with NUMA..

i got a fry stuck in my printer

btw, can you help me out with something?

so you didn't get here [] also?
this is the page, where you can creat N - like i did on the snowboard or on the bike

and whats about the cars? did you choose one?

-Big Tom - Small Tom - Crash Symbol

"Why can't more people be fat and depressed like me?"
- My roommate on America's foreign policy