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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel scimitar sword tileset unrated
Created 2010-01-01
Last Modified 2010-01-01
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Map Data

Description Second type of sword, anyone can use this for the Sword Saga collabs. You are allowed to move/delete the ninja or gauss.
Enjoy, and I'm still looking for people to collab with!! (see comment on 'Snowboarder')

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Hey Pretzel.

I'll collab with you... we'll make a movie! Creator with disciple! It'll be epic!

What do you think?


bluepretzel for answering my question :)
your awsome!!

This is too sharp for touching.


how do ya make maps faved?
Demo Data




your my fav author :)
your maps r wicked man way better than mine :)

Awsome scimitar :)

do ya play runescape?