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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel collab flowy mechrider nreality rated snowboard
Created 2009-12-31
Last Modified 2010-01-01
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Another collab with me and shadow93kangaroo [], now N is riding a snowboard! This is like the Bikerider [] map, so be carefull!!
Enjoy! and this is the second of the series.

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Demo Data

Nice Image Map!

Good use of playermod! 5/5! :D
Demo Data


äh, the # is a sign for a border in mapdata... that is teh reason why numa didn't accept it xD
i found this neat page [] and maybe you could search here and pick out the jeep that fits most
i think the "normal" jeep, fist one in the list, is one of the best

I just realised

those thwumps aren't playing right.
My apologies, but they are meant to shunt in the ground, and stay stuck.|||11,yw,22;11,xw,3.5;11,fallspeed,5;11,raisespeed,1#;8,_icon,-16^-12^|skidFriction,1;maxspeedGround,20;noWallJump,1;noWallSlide,1;normGrav,.21;r,7;terminal_vel,999;

For some reason, NUMA didn't accept '#'

can i submit my version please...?
cause i really don't like, what you did - sorry for that

and may we should collab a bit better together for the next level - a car driving Ninja
what do you say?

Really good.

the begining was hard at first but. after that it was easy.

First thwump is too annoying.

i am sorry for that
but our internet crashed and the next 4 or 5 days i have no way to get here on numa...
but may i shell submit my version of it? cause all things that are mentioned by the others below are better in this one...
or you do it.
see you in 5 days

what did you dooo?

this map [] was the better version!
delist this
and submit this map, really, beleave me

oh dude - didn't you see this? it was posted on your bikerider-map



I thought it was fun getting chased by the bottom-right thwump :(
Oh well, we all have different opinions. Also, shadow did alot of the work, including the idea. Please thank him :)


but the part with the thwump on the bottom right corner was bad. 3/5 really fun otherwise


for idea.

Needs foreground.
Use the ice skate mod.
Make the ninja's jump a bit higher and make him somewhat faster.

Other then that, you did a good job.


To celebrate the new year, I wish to make a series of Sword-like collabs. You can use any sword tileset I make, and then add some objects to it. So far, I only have Excalibur [], and its old version [], but if you wish, I may make more for you. All entries will go straight to the Sword Saga section on my profile. So far, there is one made, and I will submit my entry later. Are you up for the challenge?
Note: try not to bomb the hotmaps, okay? :D
that concept of n on some metal device. keep up with maps =]


this is really cool

This is the shniz getting redy to go to freinds new year party almost leaving.