Rubber Ducky

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Author formica
Tags author:formica rated test
Created 2005-11-20
Last Modified 2005-11-20
by 11 people.
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Description "Cause Rubber Ducky, you are the one for me,
Rubber Ducky, is it so hard to see,
That I love you, yeah I do,
And I would gladly marry you,
if it wasn't for the fact, you were a rubber duck.

You were with me in think and thin,
and when this war we win,
I'll sleep sounder knowing, I've got a RUBBER DUCK!
What good luck, I've got a rubber duck!
(Rubber ducky, you are the one!)


A combination of N art, puzzle, and action... all whipped up in Science.
This is my third lesson made during science... that amuses me. Still, we're going over organic chemistry, and I've allready done my exam on unit 1 chem, so this is all pretty pointless to me.
Anyway, enjoy!

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Nailed it

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Blazeraid was using frame by frame. No question about it.


maybe, he's just a better player than you.

I can complete the level both ways, but with difficulty. Still, I'm not the best N player, by any stretch of the imagination. I can picture this being easy to a fan of jumper puzzles.


that is total bullshit if you say that was easy to do without frame by frame.
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Very nice

I really like the combination of the elements, makes it good for all types of players. I'll give you a 4.

Speed demo

Bit easy...
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