Miasmic Part III: Trifecta

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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset miasmic puzzle series unrated
Created 2010-01-23
Last Modified 2010-01-23
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Description Which way to go, which way to go...

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I saw some good ideas but the game play seems a little rough and the tiles and objects aren't very pleasing. Them seem a little ill-placed. Keep at it though
I've always been a fan of the thwump glitch though and have used it in numerous occasions. If you're interested check outthis [] It might give you some different ideas on how to use em.

i rofld


tez is fine

well atm

im making a dda, so I can't edit it.
a little to fit new tiles which I didn't do it was just and aesthetic thing :)


but then you can't get up :P
I thought I was suddenly seeing your name all over the place without having heard of you before and everyone seemed to know you but me ok. Why the new account also here is a suggestion for how you could do these tiles better generally more consistent tiles are better. Check it out [] :)
I'm chume
Demo Data

ok, fair enough.

...I tried to help.


your a good friend as well
but you also want people to notice you. So you need to at least make the map fun, it doesn't have to be generic for it to be fun...
is because your game play is not up to par, and sometimes neither are your tiles. If you would like to collab, I would be more than willing, get on irc, and I will help show you how to at least start improving.

I thought

that this map was pretty good I thought it was a little bit annoying so I would rate it 4/5 good Idea I little bit hard for me

sure would

be more than happy to look at your maps.

thx for comment :D

sorry.. but i think this map is too long
but also it's ingenious :D

are you playing

or harassing a cat?