Glass Room

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Author jslimb
Tags action author:jslimb fun unrated
Created 2010-02-12
Last Modified 2010-02-12
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Description Oh, I enjoyed this map with tiles of 112.5 or 22.5 degrees(I mean '2' tiles).
It's an action map.

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Actually drone number.


tiles are really nice, and you kinda managed to pull off that blonceblock-oneway combination, but it still looks a bit weird. The gauss was pretty cool. It added a nice part if you went back up after you got the left switch, and was pretty nice throughout the map. I didn't really like how you get back out of the exit key room - I see what you did with that gauss and how it blocks you from going that way, but it's really frustrating to go to the top with that rocket constantly at you. But, when you get rid if it, it's fun to just go down and get that gold and finish. I would have liked to see the rocket in a less-imposing position, so it didn't always get you when you get the exit key. It's a nice map overall.
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Speed-ish demo?
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...3.5/5 from me.
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