sweet sweet elixir

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags action author:radiumfalcon day featured love rated valentines
Created 2010-02-14
Last Modified 2010-02-14
by 30 people.
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Description happy valentines day. i love you.

This map was featured on 2010-05-22

The thing I like about RadiumFalcon's maps is their technicality. In a RadiumFalcon map, there're generally at least five choke points, three odd pathing decisions, and the feeling that this mess shouldn't be this hard. In sweet sweet elixir, for example, you're expected to climb the underside of a floating island, traverse an uneven, mine-strewn wasteland while being hounded by a chaingun, and then, after all that, expected to get through a tight minejumper rife with precise, tricky jumps, high above the ground. Some might say that's too much, and it really is, but sometimes that's all I really want. — gloomp

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go palemoon - :D


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that gold is amazing, the aesthetics were a bit itchy at times, but the map in general was an absolute blast to play. fucking amazing chaingun, too.


my non fbf completion
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A checkpoint item. Like a "save here for 10 gold? y/n" type thing. That'd be bamf
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well yeah the chaingun just needs some timing. not as hard as i thought. it's fun.

thanks gloomp<3

sorry if it was too hard guys. i feel the chaingun was very manageable if you time it right
It just makes the map annoying, by either having to wait for it to be out of sight or to get killed by it all the time. Also, I agree with everything Palemoon said, except perhaps all that stuff about his ex-wife...


whether a map is fun has nothing to do with the difficulty; rather, it's about how well made it is. A lot of hard maps aren't fun because they're too difficult for even the mapper to complete, so he/she can't playtest properly.


it appears as though you've just completely contradicted yourself...


you don't need to use the bounceblock area at all.
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Great map!


And now, a mini-rant.

I hate it when people bitch about a map being too hard- isn't the point of this game to be a challenge? If you don't like hard stuff, play fun stuff.


these two areas have really cool gameplay that the chaingun just ruins. It's like my ex-wife. If i had an ex-wife. And not the kind of ex-wife that is really nice and we mutually felt that our marriage arrangement wasn't working out so we calmly and gracefully settled the issue with a dignified visit to the courthouse. It's the bad kind of ex-wife.

also, a lot of the mines were just slapped on there for no other reason than to make menial tasks arduous and tolling.

did these really have to be there? it's like the redundant difficulty icing on the unyielding cake of life. thanks for reading. 3.5
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Sweet sweet map.

I'm working on a speed run.
My favorite map+review combination in a while. And, brainstone, you only have to climb up once...?

I like the review.

I agree with gloomp about those kinds of maps, sometimes I want something well made and stupidly hard.
But in this map the chaingun just pisses me off, because it kills me 80% of all times climbing up, and you have to climb up twice.

faster demo than RadiumFalcon
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also one of my radium faves. congrats! :)


It's good.

Surprisingly so.

It's the symbolism

the hypocricy, and the overall dickishness of the gesture that pisses me off.


But never rate my maps lower because of some stupid generalization like that, even if it is true.

The point is

if it was true, and I actually rated 2, you'd throw a shit fit. Also, you're a hypocrite because you'res always bitching about how everyone says your maps are the same, and then you say the same thing on my map, and then rate it a 2. That's bullshit, and you know it.


I'm going to visit LONDON tomorrow! Hya!

I got on irc, but you two weren't there ;_;




Getting a rated map isn't easy now...




Not so talentless I guess.

Like a mahi map, but with flair.


auntie sniped.


You got sniped as well, I see...


The bottom is very nice, but having to do it over and over again everytime the top kills me gets repetitive and dull.

The top most mines are more annoying than anything else, and I really don't like the aethetics here.

A lot of your maps look great and are really fun to play, but this isn't one of them.

But cool apart from that.