Bloody Plague Rats

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Author miststalker06
Tags author:miststalker06 easy fun imagemap nreality rated tricky
Created 2010-02-22
Last Modified 2010-02-22
by 8 people.
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You can wear umbrellas or a fine-looking hat,
but nothing is better than an old-fashioned plague rat.

- Paraply

Requires nReality for maximum pleasure.
PS: These sewers are tricky... The thwumps are inflicted with the polluted water and do not work as you might think. And by the normal doors, mines will hide to try snatching that life from you.

RCE :)

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I enjoyed these 2 nreality maps. But i don't really tend to fav maps anyways. I bet there would be more if i wasn't so lazy and played more of other peoples maps

pretty cool

nice and clean (well except the image lol)


fail at posting demo... :D
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easier to finish YD
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fuck yes.

Your imagemaps are damn well flawsome. Awesomly Flawless. Just lov'em. Faved. Again. Just awesome. :D :D :D

Now I know that someone is probably thinking " its just an image-map, the asthetics arent very good anyway 3/5 whats wrong with you Pretzel?", well I just totally <3 <3 <3 Good image-maps. And yours, mistalker are bloody epic. Thats my reason, and im sticking to it. :)

c'mon man

whats your image secret?

Oh lol

You just stated it like that, so I thought your pretending or something >.<

Thwumps are meant

to glitch up :)


Fail Demo?
It's hard to see the floor guards and the twummps sometimes glitch up o.o
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Watch that launchpad at the end ;)
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