I still have (x,y,z) to do

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Author kisler
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Created 2010-03-24
Last Modified 2010-03-24
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Description 1) Everyone add twenty one-ways shaped in squares. ~ flag
2) for every box you made, add either a laser, a mine, or a chaingun (inside the box)! ~ Sunset
3) Put in a column of tiles on the left side of the map, use at least 20 E tiles, 2 6 tiles, 2 2 tiles, and 2 3 tiles ~kkstrong
4) There have to be 6 NaN'd drones (the blue ones ;)) that are either touching the left border of the map and/or the column you made ~ AMLT
5) add a continuous stream of E tiles with your cursor ~ChrisE
6) Add 4 downward facing thwumps which are horizontally beside a tile ~DW40
7) Add a ninja. Add an exit in one of your twenty boxes such that it is accessible ~bhz
8) make a column of locked doors, and have all the keys accessible. Column must be at least 4 locked doors long ~Destiny
*flag quit*
9) add gold in the form of a squiggly line, and make 3 of them. ~ Sunset
10) Make the stream of E tiles beautiful. Make it 1-3 tiles thick, allow breaks, and use any number of 1,2,3,6, and 7 tiles you wish. Only /on/ the stream though ~kkstrong
11) Add a floor guard and a sideways-facing thwump anywhere, and spice up the map a little with another exit placed somewhere within a 5-tile radius of your column ~amlt
*Destiny quit*
12) ADD one mine for each piece of gold in your map ~ ChrisE
13) Add 3 groups of 4 bounceblocks. Each one in the shape of any standard tetris piece. ~DW40
14) Place a rocket launcher in the path of the fastest path you can find to one door. Place a gauss on the fastest path ot the other Door. ~bhz
15) add 3 jump pads to your map. ~Sunset

I wasn't there, but sometimes I like making a map out of random rules. Only on NUMA because I have nowhere else to put it.

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