popsicle feet

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Author sonicdeath
Tags action author:sonicdeath rated
Created 2010-04-01
Last Modified 2010-04-01
by 5 people.
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Description It's hard to walk.

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Not bad.
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Was trying to see if I could do a cool corner jump to speed up my demo... hehe.
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well, whether if these are your first or not, you're pretty good, I liked this map, really fun :]
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but I don't believe these are your first maps you've submitted to the site.

This isn't really all that unique like n_n claims, but it's decent for sure.

And lol at sandboxed.


you're trying too hard

we're far too used to this
You certainly are getting good at this fast. Great work!

weird name


you're a great mapper. I love the mappers that break free from all of these set designs, and strive to create unique and individual maps. There's some clear inspiration from a few maps in this one, but you've added your own individual flair to it. And plus, ever since you started you've pumped out (3) fantstic maps! Nice job.

Another fave from me.
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