Museum #1

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica dedication playable unrated
Created 2010-04-30
Last Modified 2010-04-30
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Description A small tribute to TKTKTK [], nDEAVOUR [], maximo [], astheoceansblue [], Tempus_Fugit [], stepself [] and Sendy [].

Made with love.

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Miss you and your lovely maps!

Potpourri mapping!

Kinda awesome!
Demo Data

Thank you! You've always been one of my idols - I am incredibly honored. I'm also completely with nDeavoured on this one.

Goodness, you made my day!


God plue WAS epic :P

happy 300!


Ooh, nice.

I'll fav this for later, I love the look of it!

this map is lols
Demo Data
were pretty easy to pick out.

<3 Plue. +4 for that.

Wow I don't deserve being with those other authors. :O
Thank you, you are awesome!

-nDEAVOUR (aka Inspired)

Cool idea

I was able to recognize atob's, tk's, and nDEAVOUR's bits without clicking the links.

Mashed together from a bunch of my favourite levels, linked to in the description.