Racing Trilogy III

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Author macaddict_17
Tags author:macaddict_17 playable race rated
Created 2005-11-27
by 10 people.
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Description Yet another of the series where the enemies chase you really fast. Which of the three is better?

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I'll Join

the club, evaluator.

Man, this is wierd. I don't know any of you, except vaguely Blazerade.


I got past the thwumps on my first try. Stickdude- don't rate if you can't beat it and others can- meaning it is all your fault and not the levels fault. I don't mind that you are incapable of beating the level, just don't blame the level.

Great map

Not that hard, but fun 4.0


I didn't expect this to happen...
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Who votes we should join a "we hate stickdude club"?


Much faster, I liked 1st best.
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I hate you. You rate on playability, if you can't do it, don't rate it. I've gotten past the thwumps so many times...



The map is absuloutly impossible. you can't get past the thwumps. I like how my guy hangs at the end though.
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Number two is best.

This one just felt like a hold right/left dda, and given that the only parts which weren't we, as demonstrated in my demo, infinitely cheatable, it lacked some punch. Despite this though it is quite good, so a 3.5 from me.
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