Aliens part III

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Author amconline
Tags action aliens author:amconline image-map imagemap playable rated
Created 2010-06-10
Last Modified 2010-06-10
by 8 people.
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Description Aliens saga
Part III

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So the image was great, but the darkness made the gameplay annoying. Most ninja colours are too dark for this (coming from someone who has only finished 5 columns), and objects such as mines were just sour. Half the times I died was because I couldn't see my ninja weel, and I would run into a barely-visible mine. I'll give you 3/5 +1 for the neat image.

don't worry

I don't blame you.
I'm just not good enough, that's all...
I like very much playing this map, and I'm a little sad to understand I may be the only one...

It *is* what everyone says about imagemaps, which is unfortunate, because I have nothing against them.
loosing it... :|


that's what everybody says in front of an image-map nowadays...
I like the gameplay here. Objects and tiles are exactly where I wanted them to be.

The image was sweet and didn't take away from the map, but the gameplay could have been better.


5 for the image, good work


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