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Author diminishedD6
Tags author:diminishedd6 challenge tiles unrated
Created 2010-07-11
Last Modified 2010-07-11
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Description over 2 dozen, none of them atob trees.

Sure, not all of them are fantastic, but it proves my point. Be creative. Don't run shit into the ground. So what if it's good and it's always worked? You didn't earn that tree, you're riding on the success of others.

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And of course, there's losttortuga :)
I have a map full of trees I made last year.
I never look at it anymore, I just make better trees now.
non-atob-trees []
Some look really terrible, but maybe I can try using them in my map.


I had to keep them the same height and size. If I could even go one block higher, they'd look totally different. Which says something too; why do the trees have to be this big? Most of the maps I've seen they've had plenty of room to make bigger ones, and the whole idea that they're the most playable is a load of crap, a lot of them are for decoration anyways and are irrelevant to gameplay.


some are really ugly :)
that the atob tree in question is not worth complaining about.

moar trees
handy. thanks.

Yeah guys

feel free to use any of these, seriously. That's what they were made for