Not Afraid

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Author brianlyao
Tags action author:brianlyao mine-jumper minejumper playable unrated
Created 2010-07-16
Last Modified 2010-07-16
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Description Made a minejumper :) its painfully hard...

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retarded death

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Sub-3000 frame agd

By quite a bit :)

Not "painfully hard" as you describe it, this is my 3rd agd attempt after a first completion, and only a 3rd completion total. It is difficult, and requires quite a bit of precision, but not to the painfully hard amount.

A painfully hard map is one like turtles' "Live to Die" (137095) that I've never even gotten halfway through, after several hours of playing. Thankfully you haven't made one that devilish. :)
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so much fun.

great minejumper :)
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fucking claymore

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much faster
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pretty fun, reminds me of 148-4 or whatever it is.
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great map, reminds me of action_agd, some flaws, but I enjoyed it, got a little confused in the middle, but nice work :]
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love it

i had a completion agd until i jumped the drone and hit the mine on the three tile diagonal. :'(
Not completion, but it's well fun.
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