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Author darkcrusader
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Created 2010-07-31
Last Modified 2010-07-31
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Alright, let's see if this works:

First off, I officially proclaim my return to NUMA! Thanks to the handful of people who missed me, this map is for you. Now what I am doing may or may not work: I'm trying to make a story for N. So I'll be making tilesets for all the levels, and I would like you to put in enemies for me, in a way that fits the description. If I think your map is the best out of everyone who tried, I'll ded you a level of the project. Now there are a few rules:

1: Try to keep it simple; I want a lot of players on multiple skill levels to be able to enjoy this.
2: You can't move the starting point, the door, or the door button.
3: Especially, make the map fit the description.
4: Tag your map with the map name (example: for this map,you would tag "ninjadojo").
5: NReality image maps will be more likely to be accepted.

That is all. Wait, here's the description!

"You've finished your primary ninja training, and have climbed up Midoriyama to enter the Ninja Dojo, where the practice of N is devoutly exercised. But as you leap from a ledge, you notice something is amiss, and danger strikes as you draw close to the door..."

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Cool tiles though!
Furthermore, I searched a new avatar. So I picked him.

He is.



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