dynamite sticks applied to the face

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon rated rf-collab
Created 2010-08-22
Last Modified 2010-08-22
by 9 people.
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Description collab with Viil

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The Devil's Run :)

666 muhahahahahaha
Demo Data

i think i gave it a sense of direction, try playing through to the switch a few times
PM me something, broseph


Just kidding... yes, we should.

I just saw this.

How did I just see this.

decent run

Demo Data

okay, but idont think thats ganna happen anytime soon, im just out of any fresh ideas and i want a collab to give m some

Wanna collab?

Just let me know if you want to or not, please don't Just ignore me
derp. loving it, especially the tunnels on the right side. rocket is great, though not so much when the laser decides to come out and play as well. 4.5vfaved.

Who's Viil?

Sounds like a loser.

this is so good

Pretty okay AGD.

Awesome AGD tbh.
Demo Data

Really hoped

that this run would go all the way... Especially after this dodge...
Demo Data

really intense

I like it.

Pretty cool map. 4