Enema of the State

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Author Ferox
Tags author:ferox nreality race rated resub
Created 2010-10-01
Last Modified 2010-10-01
by 9 people.
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Description Resub'd due to lack of attention. Requires NReality but there is no cool mod(s), only a faster laser duration.

I need playtesters for my 200th. I will make 3 maps for you to decide. One is already made.

Other than that, enjoy!

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459. I actually really liked this. 5aved.
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I'm pretty sure sub 500 AGD is possible.
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i didnt get shot at once.
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Thanks guys. I've already got Squib and maybe Iban playtesting so this will help.

Highscore route below.
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Love to playtest.
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shall playtest.

also, slow speedrun
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I'm not Mahi so if it doesn't look like flow, it isn't.

**** you sniper.

I always find that

Show works better than tell.
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The rest was fairly so-so. The opening one ways that you land on are a little confusing, I kept jumping into the following loop, and diong it backwards.