19-4 Solitary

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Author BluePretzel
Tags 19-4 300 author:bluepretzel collab hard rated series
Created 2010-10-28
Last Modified 2010-10-28
by 9 people.
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I forgot again to say Congratulations! ;D =D
Why do I always forgot to say Congratulations when I have to?! ;D


758 frames
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1143 frames
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As you can see, I did this yesterday, but I forgot to post it here.
1205 frames
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woo hoo!


the mingler has a lot of time on his hands o_O


Congrats on both occasions. Keep mapping.
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Grats man!

Congrats man :)

I thought you were older than a year old, but that just might be because you've had so many maps out xD ... but I can't believe it's only been a year! Nice work with all you've done here :)


:D I love this! This is awesome!
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exposed a few shortcuts but done slowly
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I'm typing this from my iTouch as well. What type do you have? I have a 3rd Gen. 32gb running iOS 4.1. I didn't jailbreak it, however, because in the US, it is a grey area on the subject of legality.

No problem. ;)

Also Pig2

I may have spat out 325 maps in 18 months but hey, I am at 8.64 rpm


I was planning on subbing my 200/year map this morning (it's only 6:45 AM here) but I'll guess I'll wait 'till preevening to submit it.

Oh well.

5aved and congrats!!! :D

i just realized...'re never gonna believe me when i tell you this. :D

and agd
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yay BluePretzel!

awesome year!!! :D

*a year and half.


325 maps in a year is heaps.

congratz man

more than four years here... time flies ;)

Thanks everyone

And I'll keep that in mind, Destiny.

Also, the comic link is broken.
Ncapitated comic: HERE []
Whether it be a super-cool never-seen-before concept or just a semi-original mechanic doesn't matter, but as it is your maps just feel like a group of tiles with some objects sprinkled on top.

damn BP

I've been here somewhere around a year and a half and only have 25 maps more than you O.o
That's insane. But congrats none-the-less.

Hey BluePretzel

Congratulations on one year and 300 maps!




It’s been an awesome year.
First off, I’d like to acknowledge the map. Originally, I was going to submit a remake of my first map, which I’d like to thank Sunset for playtesting. However, I decided to change to this 8-month-old collab with squiddy-brick that never got submitted. I personally think it’s one of my best collabs, and makes a nice 19-4. Enjoy!

First map: here []
100th map: here []
200th map: here []
Transcendence map: here []
FLAMEBOOTS mappack: here []
The Tree Series mappack: here []
Ncapitated comic: here []

Huge thanks to all the guys that have been friendly to me (you guys know who you are), especially Sunset, and extra thanks to Iban for inspiring me to join in the first place.

Also, now that one whole year has passed, this will be my final ‘big celebration’ map of my own achievements.
Here’s to year two!!