Below The Ground

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Author killerman
Tags action author:killerman playable rated
Created 2005-12-06
Last Modified 2005-12-06
by 13 people.
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Description What! an action map from me??? That can't be! This is sort of a race/action map. Its not consistently smooth because sometimes you actually have to think where to go and yet i think it can't be classified as a action map... hmm

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anyway...want me to point out all the flaws for you?


Yours demo made it look difficult :)
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I never said it was difficult!


just saying its actually really im surprised this actually got rated a 4.5..strange


and you insult my N ability?
I did jump off the ramp, I was going for SPEED so I attempted a faster method.


watch my super sexy skin scraping demo!
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slightly faster demo
Demo Data


Demo Data


completetion demo just in case
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you are meant to jump off the ramp..its actually really easy

A map can be flowy,

and still take some thought, EG. maximo's "scratch".
Oh and this isn't a good thing, check the demo...
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anyway...i edited it so its easier i guess


well i made it so you actually have to think what to do

I didn't like it

the flow was all disjointed and awkward.
But it is great to seeyou make an action.
Keep it up.


pretty slow demo
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