Stand Back, I'm Going to Try Science

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Author formica
Tags achievements action author:formica cave rated twhumps
Created 2010-12-08
Last Modified 2010-12-08
by 12 people.
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Can't Touch This
- Complete the level without touching a single bounce block

- Enter and exit the locked- off chamber on the right

AllGoldGodDamnit (AGGD)
- Collect all of the gold

- Complete the level without the aid of any thwumps

Escapist Part II
- Enter and exit the mine caves on either side of the map

Full House
- Complete Can't Touch This, AllGoldGodDamnit, Escapist Pt 1 and Escapist Pt II in one life

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come back





please :(


Well I touched a Thump, but I didn't complete the level with the 'aid' of a Thump. Loophole! Anyways, once again great map.
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Full House

Damn that was hard. Wonderful, wonderful gameplay.Difficult, but not frustrating and very smooth. 5aved.

As for ded, do whatever you feel like. I would be happy if the gameplay on it was half as good as this map ^^
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Thus making my previous demo a Full House achievement as well.
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Slow speed.

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This is epic.

xkcd is cool

this map is too

its good

to see you back in action. 5/5

I fixed up the achievement list so that they make more sense and so that "Full House" is actually possible to get. Serious kudos to romaniac for getting everything.

I like this

Very well done

triple post

for mr Independent
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jump off a bounceblock, and I go though to the other side
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Yes, very nice

I'm not sure I get the whole right hand side, but I don't care.
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Destiny summed it up. This has great replay value in addition. Phaved.
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This is a masterpiece man. The structure and mechanical core of the map create some of the best gameplay i've seen in a long time. Great job, 5aved.
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