Garage Band King

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides carologue featured playable rated
Created 2011-01-15
Last Modified 2011-01-15
by 20 people.
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Description From Carologue [].

This map was featured on 2011-01-16

Ever wondered what the innards of a guitar look like? Ever dropped your prized pick in through the strings and had it vanish into another dimension? Well, if you have, it went here. GBK land, where everyone is a Guitar Hero.

In this case, our Hero is a ninja, a would-be Garage Band King dropped through the cracks, and you must direct him as he slips and slides amongst the twisted curves of your guitar, trying to escape. Will he or won't he? Up to you, Rock God. — flagmyidol

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Nice :P

my only real gripe was the double jump required on the left...

Demo Data
Your maps are so consistently good at mapping it is insane, pheidi

haha great review

I can never get those bloody picks out of my acoustic.

Genius map as well ofcourse. 5/5

And I'm surprised

that I'm the first to AGD it.

Map was good although some parts were a bit awkward (drop/rise on left side). Chaingun was excellent.

Here is a slow but entertaining demo:
Demo Data

i dont think i'll ever be a fan of maps that are featured very early...only reason i can see that happening is if the map is phenomenal, and it wasnt.
i also find it surprising that i'm the first person to complete it.

either way, i liked the flow at the start, just wished the switches would line up so i wouldn't have to slow down
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lord_day :(

Obviously the tileset is awesome, but the semi-flow was too! And the last room was really well conceived.

Great tileset.

Gameplay isn't as good as the tileset.

Pheidi map = sex

I feel it
it was just submitted yesterday, so there's no reason to complain.

this map was

made yesterday. And it is already featured?


the quickest feature was Tumblestein Bouncehaus (or something like that) by Yahoozy.

Also, I didn't like it like other maps of Carologue :/ It was a good concept, though, so... 3.

no way !

I just saw this map on the hot maps page about a day ago
damn well done and

Nice review

In this world,

a dose of dynamite can do the body good.
But i liked the first half. Anyway, I thought the switch placement disrupted the flow, and the jump back from the chaingun room was way more difficult than the rest of the map.


i hate when that happens. thats why i bought an electric

If anyone was wondering I wrote this in a pot-influenced dream last night, more or less.

Don't want carping about proximity to submission date.

Play Carologue.

Hey Pheidi! I'm featuring this map tomorrow!


It's an action map.

There is no flow.
getting back up from the chaingun part is reeaally difficult but I have everything up to there down.

Looks like race

Must be race

i found this to be

enjoyable, but i lost the flow constantly
cause i cant find it.

Watch out, Hooz.

Pheidi's going to give you a run for your features soon. o_o