It's the way that you fake it.

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Created 2011-02-27
Last Modified 2011-02-27
by 10 people.
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Description A little harder then my maps usually are.

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Cautious AGD

kind of good, but some of the mine/lp placement was annoying. Still, not bad. 3/5
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lsudny agreed to make the tileset. I'm coming up with the description to put on the map/announcement.
gameplay - 40
aesthetics (these by contestant, of course :D) - 20
originality - 10

The contest will be announced on NUMA, and the results will be on the forums.
Me and lsudny just formed the rules.

1. The tiles are made by one of the contest organisators (it should include some optimized paths for these drones from the third point.
2. We let the contestant change the tiles a bit, and we will judge if somebody changed it too drastically. I think inversion should be allowed
3. Use only mines and zap drones as enemies.
4. asdf

i *am* Polish

I also think that gauss is on something, it fires with nerving accuracy. :P

The only thing I'd change though is when falling onto the second gold clump, I have to be very precise or else I die by falling, and that can get a bit annoying after a while. But I like the gauss better here than the laser in the other map.
nevertheless, I really like the mines aesthetically. It's rare these days to see them so neat.

Nothing special.

This map is cool.



Here is a completion
Demo Data

too hard for me

but clearly well done